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Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you are injured in a car accident, you deserve the best possible medical treatment, rehabilitation, and a fair and full insurance settlement to reimburse you for your injuries and damages.

Just like it is necessary to go to a doctor to obtain the best medical care, it is often necessary to see an injury lawyer to obtain the best legal care. You see, unlike a doctor or lawyer, the insurance company is not working in your best interests. In fact, the Claims Adjuster assigned to your claim is working very hard to minimize your settlement.

This is the primary reason why legal consultation with a car accident lawyer is vital to putting you on the road to recovery. When you call me, we can talk about your case and determine if legal representation is appropriate. We can also help you with other issues such as total loss claims, health insurance issues, and a host of other matters pertaining to the automobile accident.

If you are aggravated or frustrated by the lack of response or action from claims adjusters, assistants or case managers, please call me. I am easy to contact and quick to respond. Call 1 (800) 959-3940 and your call will go directly to an attorney’s phone.

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You have been very informative, polite and forthright in your handling of our claim. Once again, we wish to thank you for reaching a just settlement in a state in which we are not a resident.

- Dale D. & Dennis D. (Ontario, Canada)

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